By Justin C., General Manager

Employee engagement is as important – or maybe more important – than ever. With an unemployment rate of just 3.6%, opportunities are on the rise and employees have more options than they had ten or even five years ago. So how does your organization keep all of that human capital you have cultivated? Employee engagement is an essential tool in your arsenal in our world in flux.

Harvard Business Review agrees and notes that external consulting companies, like Capture ISG, have several advantages over an internal interviewer or quick survey provided by the organization’s HR Team. As noted in 2016, by HBR, the data provided by an outside agency is typically more reliable and can signal that the organization cares about the opinions of employees.

Work culture, overall employee experience, professional goal-setting and achievement, and management relations are all areas which can be measured to provide your team with a better view of what employees are saying about you, where you can improve, and where you are doing well. Working with Capture ISG can provide you the necessary analytics and data to give you the information that isn’t so obvious and may help you make the crucial decisions to drive your business into the new economy.

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