I remember when I first signed up with Progressive insurance. I called to get a quote and the representative picked up the phone in less than 30 seconds. You could almost see her smile through the phone. She was definitely talking with a smile on her face which I’m sure their representatives are paid to do. I told her I wanted a quote and that I heard I could save money with progressive. She gave me the initial quote which was comparable to other companies that I had researched. Then she proceeded to tell me about the snap shot program that was exclusively offered by progressive that could lower my quoted rate up to 30% more. I was blown away and decided to switch to progressive. She was very nice about signing me up and did not seem to be pushy or trying to sell me add on items that would increase my rate. She continued to speak with a smile on her face through the whole conversation, at least it sounded like it. Whenever I have had to call progressive since then, they are always quick to answer my questions or handle a claim. This company epitomizes quality customer service and even if my rates go up a little, I will most likely stay with them because of the outstanding service. Superior customer service is hard to come by these days and it is usually rewarded by customer loyalty.

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