Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Capture Information Services Group (CaptureISG)?

A: CaptureISG is a privately owned company with offices in Stuart, Florida and Warwick, Rhode Island. Since being founded in 1991 by Stuart H. Marion, CaptureISG has developed many capabilities to assist our clientele with short- or long-term resources that require a call center, data processing, management reporting capabilities, IT solutions, technical writing and/or knowledge discovery tools.

Q: How is CaptureISG different than other research or management consulting firms?

A: We are a resource that is used as your short- or long-term business solution. We act not only as your service provider but as an extension of your organization, or simply your back office. We do this by participating in a dialogue that focuses on the needs of each client’s challenge and matching each of those needs with our human assets and the appropriate technologies to ensure your success.

Q: What type of clients do you typically work with?

A: As our partners have over 40 years of combined experience in financial services, we frequently work with banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies. We also have relationships with healthcare, hospitality, engineering and consulting practices. Additionally, we service several advertising agencies seeking private label research services for their end-clients.

Q: Do you sub-contract work to other providers?

A: No. All services are performed in-house under our supervision.

Q: Why should we consider outsourcing or sub-contracting our employee-related surveys?

A: There are several key issues that immediately come to mind:

– As a third party, an unbiased perspective encourages the respondent to speak openly when discussing sensitive issues.

– We can conduct interviews with your staff in confidence.

– A consistent process is followed company wide.

– An external resource achieves higher participation rates.

– By utilizing a third-party provider, you remove internal bias from the data-gathering and reporting processes.

– Changes to the survey script and data can be made seamlessly into our interviewing technologies.

– We provide inbound numbers so participants are able to conduct interviews at their convenience or schedule a time for a callback with one of our interviewers.

– Current or former employees are more inclined to share their plans for filing a lawsuit or other action with an external interviewer.

– Interviews are conducted after hours by phone when people are free to talk candidly about their experiences.

– Data is collected consistently regardless of internal work issues that HR professionals need to deal with. Your resources may tend to other priorities.

– Professional interviewers possess the necessary listening and probing skills and understand the processes needed for successful data capture.

Q: What types of research does CaptureISG perform?

Financial Services and Hospitality Companies
Advertising Effectiveness
Branch Visit Experience
Brand Awareness and Tracking Research
Call Center Follow-up
Compliance Awareness
Customer Service
Defection Research
Fee Structure
Market Competition
Post Transaction
Product & Policy Knowledge Assessments
Product Knowledge

PEO/HRO Related
Compliance or Risk
Employee Attitude
Employee Engagement
Employee Satisfaction
Institution Satisfaction
New Employee Perspectives
Organizational Assessment
Loyalty Research

General Research
Brand Performance
Customer Loyalty
Customer Satisfaction
General Opinion Research
Market Share
Product Assessment
Vendor Satisfaction

Partner Services
Project support for ongoing research
Assessment of changes realized since prior implementation
General client-defined confidential research
Payroll and Benefits research
Third-party agent skill surveys
Executive one on one interviews

Q: How will a relationship with CaptureISG benefit my management team and our company?

A: Your managers should be allowed to focus on improving communication, quality, customer satisfaction and workplace issues. Utilizing CaptureISG as your preferred provider frees up your managers to focus on their core responsibilities while we perform the information gathering and data related tasks.

By choosing CaptureISG, you can focus on your core business, knowing that as your business needs change, additional CaptureISG resources will be readily available to you to support ongoing growth.

Q: What types of reporting can we expect following a research or HR campaign?

A: Your data should be provided to you in a fashion that works for you! From our systems, we can export data into almost any format and deliver those results in a timely fashion. You can elect to receive a data table with the results, a spreadsheet, a statistical data-file (SPSS) or you may choose to have the results interpreted by our team and have a top line or detailed analysis provided. We can include charts, graphs, statistical tables and cross tabs.

Q: What makes your services unique?

A: We are not pulling products off of a shelf; we work with our clients to create a process to seamlessly outsource all, or a portion, of their knowledge capture or human resources interviewing and feedback campaigns. With nearly 25 years of experience in meeting or exceeding client needs, we understand the ongoing challenges facing businesses today.

Q: How do you arrive at pricing for your services?

A: To remain competitive and also attractive to our clients, we listen to their needs, which include any budget constraints, and arrive at a solution that is a win-win for all parties. We typically price on a project basis, unit cost or where needed at an hourly rate.

Q: Why should we consider using your call centers for conducting interviews?

A: CaptureISG is a time-tested and objective third party. When we contact current or former employees, customers, vendors, etc., the fact that we are not “an insider” encourages the interviewee or respondent to be forthcoming with their opinions, issues, suggestions or critical reports. And from a data perspective, our survey results are more qualitative, as we collect both metrics and verbatim responses to most questions. Our experienced, professional interviewers are trained in building rapport and the use of probing and listening skills to get to the root cause of an issue. Our methodologies allow us to collect thorough, detailed, and actionable intelligence for our clients.