When it comes to growing and maintaining your business, building a great team is invaluable. Capture can help you measure the two important aspects of evaluating your team—employee satisfaction and employee performance.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys

Capture’s 360 degree feedback surveys provide a well-rounded supply of information from subordinates, peers and supervisors, in addition to external sources such as customers and suppliers.

Employee Benefit Surveys

Employee benefits are among the most significant incentives when it comes to employee satisfaction and loyalty. Find out if your incentives are having the intended effect for your employees.

Capture employee benefit surveys identify four key areas:

  • Value
  • Accuracy
  • Competitiveness
  • Importance


Keeping the pulse on your employees by conducting engagement interviews to learn what your employees really feel is important to understanding and for better management of your company. As an objective third party, employees feel comfortable sharing information with us that they would likely never share with their supervisors or human resources. Together with our reporting partners, we collect and trend all data so that you can see where the opportunities to improve engagement exist.

Not all employees can be satisfied and will seek employment elsewhere. But asking them to share their experiences after they have left your organization reveals critical insight to the reasons they left—the real reasons and circumstances behind that decision. Conducting exit interviews is not new, but exploring the details behind the decisions help to retain your talent. What could you as the employer have done to keep them? And how much money did it cost you to replace them? How much were your customer service levels impacted? What other losses in productivity do you experience?

Exploring these issues and many others makes you as the employer aware of situations that left unchecked may result in more than just turnover, but also potentially expose employers to future litigation. Contact us today to learn more about how our valuable insights can benefit and protect your organization.

Executive Surveys

Leadership within a company must be aligned when it comes to their core visions for the company. Capture excels in helping companies improve their objectives by taking a systematic, disciplined approach to the evaluation and improvement of the management process.

Too often, CEOs lack the proper knowledge regarding the responsibilities of lower level executives to effectively delegate and hold them responsible. Capture will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of senior executives and management staff.

Customized For You

Capture begins by working with your HR department to customize a set of questions that fit your business and your specific needs. This tailored approach is what yields useful information that you can translate into improvements for your organization.

The interview process can be handled as confidential or not. Whichever you decide, it will be disclosed at the beginning of the discussion. Members of our management team who have senior level experience will conduct these interviews via telephone with senior level executives in a confidential and relaxed environment. Executives are able to choose where, when and how they decide to participate and we will coordinate to ensure the interview is done professionally, and that data is captured candidly with clear results presented at the conclusion including, where appropriate, complete transcripts of the discussion.

What We Look For

We capture intelligence to help you learn more about the workplace from an employee perspective. Our final report includes rich, detailed responses from respondents, not just ones and zeros and pinpoint areas for improvement in the company.

Capture’s personnel are trained to meticulously acquire information that provides you with a detailed understanding of the work environment your personnel or agents experience on a day to day basis.

  • Find out more about communication within the company among supervisors, managers and ground level workers.
  • What comments or suggestions do senior executives need to consider?

Sometimes over the course of our interviews, we need to escalate certain comments or responses as severe and report the information directly to clients for immediate attention or needed action. 

Our interviewing methods screen to check for adherence to compliance or organizational standards. We take care to fully assess the answers we get to identify potential safety, financial or ethical hazards to your company.