Capture Pathways

Capture Pathways encompasses a variety of customizable programs that measure employee aptitude and performance.

Capture excels in identifying the strengths of your personnel while also indicating opportunities for improvement. We tackle the problem of measuring performance by tailoring the evaluation process to fit your company.

Too often, customer service programs focus on superficial aspects of customer service such as basic telephone courtesy.

Gaining meaningful information about employee performance requires a more thorough understanding of an employee’s skillset and ability to transfer those skills to meaningful results.

In our years of experience, we have seen many employees give out incorrect information. These types of mistakes are often costly for companies.

Capture measures and reports a full range of attributes. Our programs are designed to allow each agent the opportunity to succeed.

  • Assess satisfaction with front-line agents
  • Measure the effectiveness of the service provided
  • Evaluate the way transactions are executed
  • Determine user issues associated with the appearance and/or functionality of your service
  • delivery methods
  • Collect metrics to identify possible areas where improvement is warranted


Many programs follow a set of direct transactional or conversational issues anticipated or included in Pathways. But participants can ask for an opportunity by emailing us to schedule a date and time where they can expand on anything they learned during the process, or to provide confidential suggestions on employee engagement and how the employer can do a better job.

The data we collect is useful in assessing employee aptitude regarding product knowledge, policy compliance and sales ability. This can then be used to determine raises and bonuses and to structure training programs to ensure new and existing employees have the tools they need to effectively complete their jobs.

  • Contact center or modified customer service shops
  • Communication skills
  • Professional protocols
  • Sales aptitude
  • Compliance
  • Baseline and follow-up reporting
  • Agent/representative training profiles
  • Trends

Employee-Customer Engagement

A customer’s experience with your company is often dependent on his or her interactions with various employees. Your agents are an extension of your organization and should use a variety of methods to increase customer satisfaction, whether presenting a sales pitch, answering a question or troubleshooting a problem.

  • Voice – Are your agents using a monotone voice? Or, are they speaking with an upbeat tone, conveying interest and high energy to the customer?
  • Filling Dead Air – Do your agents leave an excess of dead air while on the phone with customers? Correct this by introducing ways to fill voids (e.g. asking about the weather, reflecting back on a comment previously made, etc).
  • Working Under Pressure – How do your agents deal with a question they don’t know the answer to? They shouldn’t be afraid to tell a customer they don’t know something, while also making it clear to the customer what to expect. (e.g. May I place you on hold to ask a colleague for an explanation? It should be less than two minutes, but in case we get disconnected, can I have your direct number?)

Employee Engagement & Exit Interviews

Following a number of cycles of evaluation through Capture Pathways, our clients may choose to use our Capture Engage service. The goal here is to give each employee to participate in a Human-to-Human (H2H) discussion about how the organization can effect change.

Employees will be able to contact our team directly and elaborate on their experiences, which we would collect and provide the client, with the employee having the option to do this confidentially. Further, employees participating in Pathway can also contact us upon separation, and we will discuss their reasons and capture trends.

Capture ISG conducts Human-to-Human (H2H) telephone interviews with your exiting personnel to obtain the experience-driven data that will help you most. Our telephone interviewers engage in a fluid conversation where they probe for information based upon respondent answers. Why settle for surface-level detail when you can get the exiting employee’s feelings on your company as their employer, their supervisor, benefits, and more.

Not all employees can be satisfied and will seek employment elsewhere. But asking them to share their experiences after they have left your organization reveals critical insight to the reasons they left—the real reasons and circumstances behind that decision.

Conducting exit interviews is not new, but exploring the details behind the decisions help to retain your talent. What could you as the employer have done to keep them? And how much money did it cost you to replace them? How much were your customer service levels impacted? What other losses in productivity do you experience?

Capture Engage provides your team with reporting that matters. From excel, CSV, and other formatted, raw data exports, to executive summaries and reporting, Capture is the tool for you to obtain information that actually makes a difference.

Pathways Implementation

Capture builds your Pathways program by defining your needs first and then we structure our agent profile attributes and data reports to follow suit. Your business is unique; its services and staff should be measured in a way that’s tailored to your organization.

1. We start by working with you to develop a profile that combines the characteristics that would make up the ideal candidate for a given position.

We then work with you to determine the standards your agents or sales staff need to meet and exceed.

2. We help identify the best method to launch your program. Options include:

  • Taped agent calls
  • Interactive programs
  • Mystery shop
  • Recorded conversations
  • And more

3. We create a set of scenarios for applicants/employees to participate in. The Capture team will engage participants to be forthcoming.

Our staff is trained to think on their feet and adjust their methods and questions to gain answers and measure performance to provide you with beneficial data.

4. We provide you with clear, insightful reports. Having gained knowledge from you, the client, on the appropriate response for a successful candidate, Capture handles most of the scoring and reporting to determine whether or not the candidate is meeting the standards and understands the work processes.

Our customizable services extend to the way we present our data. We aim to give our clients a thorough understanding of performance, including metrics, verbatim responses, adherence to policy, detailed descriptions of what the employee did and did not do and more.

This information can be presented in a variety of formats. How do you prefer to review you results?
  • Dashboards, charts and graphs
  • Employee profiles
  • Statistical reports, frequencies, tabs and banners
  • Executive summaries and detailed analytics
  • Coded verbatim responses
  • Data tables/SPSS files
  • Raw data

Our assessment will report on:

  • Agent awareness of company policies and procedures
  • Compliance awareness and adherence
  • Sales aptitude
  • Level of knowledge regarding products, services or offerings