Stuart M. – CaptureISG Managing Director

So I was at a bank this morning, one that recently changed from a large bank to a much, much larger bank. I was initially pleased as there was nobody in line at 8:30 on a Friday morning. Once a teller was available, (one of two tellers) I was greeted cheerfully and welcomed to the bank. I handed the teller my deposits and asked her for an account balance. Here comes the gripe (as if you didn’t know that was coming).In order to provide my account balance, she asked for my driver’s license. Fair enough, since I don’t frequent the branch often. I thumbed through my wallet to find my license and hand it to her. Her remark – “Whoa, you’re gonna need to update this picture.” Okay, I acknowledge a loss of weight and a hairline that may be receding. She continues with the transaction and since the bank name has changed, I asked whether they will be providing new deposit tickets.

She replied “Well, they’re not just gonna send them out to everyone.” Okay, at that minute I didn’t care about anyone else. But that’s me. I asked her then “How can I get new deposit tickets.” She told me to call the branch or go to their website. What? What happened to trying to provide even basic service? The branch wasn’t crowded and there were available people on the platform. Why not either take my account number or offer to pass along my request to someone who could take care of it?

In addition to simply failing to provide a basic service and showing they care about the customer, this prevented the branch from leveraging my current business into potential new business. Who knows what the potential loss of current or potentially new businesses might have been as a result of the actions of this employee? Probably not bank management!

Organizations can spend millions of dollars on purchasing new tech, acquiring other businesses, increasing their product offerings and advertising their brand. But as they say, at the end of the day, the front-line employee can either make or break the customer relationship and impact the company’s performance, brand and reputation.

Now it just so happens that our company, (CaptureISG) offers a solution to this type of problem – our specialized employee assessment surveys, or Pathways Program. A post-transaction telephone or web survey to the customer asking about his or her experiences when frequenting that location and dealing with personnel would identify potential problems, allowing them to be rectified before too much damage was done.

Our surveys detail each aspect of the visitor experience from walking into the location through completing their visit.

For banking, hospitality, health-care and other businesses, we can sample customer or visitor satisfaction across your network and arrive at scores for each location, as well as on a regional or corporate level.

Our mystery shopping program documents each step of the customer experience observed at one or more locations. These audits include specific scenarios for which we test, reporting the results to management.

Our Pathways programs are unique in the level of detail and customization we provide. Before your problems get too far out of hand, let us help identify them in a manner that will allow you to develop the best solutions. Other Pathways programs are designed to assess customer service skills, sales aptitude, product knowledge and compliance awareness.

Read more about our Pathways programs or download a Pathways package for review in PowerPoint or PDF format. For more info, contact Capture toll free at 866-463-8638.