Stuart M. – CaptureISG Managing Director

I was recently invited to a conference on customer metrics by a colleague of mine, and as I am driven by data and the customer experience, I decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor. The speakers were great: they spoke about what is important to gauge satisfaction and addressed the hot buttons of this topic.Following the presentations, there was a typical “meet and greet” of the panel and other networking opportunities. It was a great experience meeting so many of the people that I have been following over the years. Shortly into the meet and greet, someone came up to me and asked “What does CaptureISG do”? I immediately went into my elevator pitch and described our services and the types of survey and data capture work we do. To my surprise, this person said to me “well that’s the kind of thing that is a luxury to most businesses.” Not knowing immediately how to respond, I just turned to him and said “Really?” How do I get a “Return on Information”?

Information collection, whether from your customers, prospects or employees, can provide a wealth of data critical to your business’ success. For example, dive deeper into your business opportunities by surveying your customers or clients. Gain desired insight into their opinions to gauge satisfaction with your customer service–which can directly lead to identifying customer loyalty and retention. By researching your marketplace, you can uncover potential new avenues for your products and services. Uncover information about competitors–discover where they may be lacking so you can capitalize on their weaknesses.

Workplace surveys allow you to gather intelligence about opinions, levels of productivity, loyalty and retention factors, and communicates a positive message that leadership is interested in listening to what employees have to say, contributing to employee buy-in to corporate initiatives and goals.

Research. Discover. Insight.

Survey research is not a luxury. It is a time-tested method of understanding your internal and external customers, the employees that make or break your business, new prospects for growth, and the entire market that your business may serve. Research done right is a tool that all businesses, large and small, should take advantage of.

Collect the data; uncover the data’s secrets; and let the data provide insight for your company’s future. Now that’s what I call ROI.