Justin R. Council., General Manager

What lurks beneath without you knowing? Without you being told? That may come back to haunt you?

Sounds like a cheesy line from an old black-and-white movie, right? In fact, it could just as easily be referring to something that can be just as scary as a mummy, monster, or blob! It could be a compliance issue that you don’t know about! (Queue scary music).

In every business, big or small, the possibility of compliance concerns can come up. What do you have in place to ensure you are made aware of them so that you can address them properly? Seven out of ten businesses may not have anything set up at all, or they do have something that is entirely unknown to their workforce. Which then begs the spine-tingling question above – what lurks beneath?

At Capture ISG, we have over 30 years of battling monsters in the form of compliance concerns. Well, maybe not battling, but certainly shining the light on them for our clients so that they can act upon the concerns. Our agents are all trained in getting the details that matter in any compliance, fraud, or ethical issues that your team may have concerns about. With this data, you can address the concern to your fullest ability and make sure that scary monster does not grow into something even scarier.

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